Okay, I’m sorry.

I’m sick of apologizing for not keeping this sorry-ass neglected blog updated, but life gets in the way. Sorry again.

Work is still not fun but very busy. Retirement countdown is underway, but it would be really handy if I won a lottery of some sort ::nudge nudge Universe:: to move the date up a fair chunk. It doesn’t have to be a huge jackpot, just enough to make up from losing everything to my late husband’s cancer/the 2008 housing crash/my brain aneurysm/another employer going under. There has been Financial Drama out of my control, and if the Universe could just do me a solid, I’d catch up to where I need to be. I’m not looking for millions, less than a a million would refill everything I’ve lost. Anyway…

I’m a WW watchers dropout. Not because I don’t want to continue to get healthy, but I just didn’t get their points system and I was not losing weight. My employer has a link to a free plan and I also rejoined MyFitnessPal, which works with the free plan from my company.

My daughter swears by MyFitnessPal, but last time I tried it it wasn’t so easy to navigate. That has been upgraded mightily, and now I like it. That, plus the weekly online meetings from my free work plan has given me a practical direction I wasn’t getting from WW.

Insert usual disclaimers here, I’m not getting compensated by either company, because I really do suck at blogging.

ANYHOO, yeah, apparently TX and FL are in a weird competition for Most Evil Governor. (You’re both fucking awful.) That shit about sending asylum seeking refugees to Martha’s Vineyard and DC didn’t turn out quite as they’d hoped. Apparently they may have actually done a federal crime right there and it blew up in their faces anyway, because Martha’s Vineyard and DC are both full of highly educated, compassionate liberals who 1) got pissed; 2) took care of those poor souls treated as a political stunt; and 3) let everybody know what happened. Oopsie!

GOTV in numbers too big for Republicans to ratfuck. It’s now or never.

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