Okay, I’ve been really, really bad about blogging.

I’m sorry. I have a litany of excuses about my total failure to stick to a 3x week blog schedule. I need to ease into it. Maybe once a week? Then in October, twice a week? In my very ME way, I took on a lot of “things I need to work on” simultaneously, because that’s how I treat myself. I will walkyogawriteblogvitaminsknitcrochetsavemoneycookhealthyfood all at once, and get it all done in the few hours between getting home from my increasingly frustrating and crappy day job and falling into bed, to get up at 5 and start all over again. When I write it like this, I can see how I was setting myself up for failure. So rather than abandon the project, I’ll adjust my expectations.

Otherwise, my 90 day fix project is, while far from perfect, actually making me focus on how much sleep and exercise I get, and how I spend money, and all good things. I’m making scrap yarn granny squares while watching the teevee in the evenings, so I’m both productive and pouring far less wine. It’s not much, but I’m easing back into actually making things. I’m in an Impeachment KAL group on FB, and trying to decide what I will do. I have several unfinished projects that have been languishing too long; they will be listed in another post. But someone in the group shared about a “hats for refugees” project, and well damn, that does sound kind of perfect. Doing some small, welcoming things sounds about right for me right now. (I know about Welcome Blankets, but I have two unfinished afghans destined for grandchildren already. They’ll probably take them to college.)

I’m spending a lot of time on Twitter, especially today, because HOLY SHIT TODAY WAS HIGH DRAMA AND CRAZY, and also darkly comical, in Constitutional Crisis World; and things are suddenly moving very, very fast.

I made a deliberate choice to step away from writing about politics after my brain aneurysm. (I’m not saying the Bush Administration caused it, but it certainly didn’t help my overall stress.)

Which is why I probably won’t write much about our current political drama here, though I’m following it closely; I’ll let other, better writers deal with that. But seriously, the last 24 hours have given most of this country hope.

I’m on a mission to do four visits to Epcot Food and Wine, so I can get all the passholder swag (two magnets and nifty set of Chef Minnie coasters). I have a long essay written in my head about a visit to Magic Kingdom with my daughter and the Dancing Queen, and really should write it. It’s about how screaming on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was such a release, I should have taken my blood pressure before and after. I’ll write it, I swear.

And I know this is thus far a lame blog reboot, because there should be way more photos.

Sophie and Ellie are both fine. It’s still hot AF here. That’s the update from Chez BossyDog.

2 thoughts on “Okay, I’ve been really, really bad about blogging.”

  1. I think Nixon stuff contributed to my father’s fatal heart attack I try to be very very mindful of my blood pressure! I’m doing pretty good with the “omg we’re going to die” v. “I don’t want to know LALALALALA” life balance.

    It sounds like you actually did start on all your changes, and you’re working out how to balance them. Which reminds me – I should go for a walk . . .

  2. always good to hear things are moving forward there at ‘Chez BossyDog’ … biting off far more than one can chew at one time is very familiar to me too, so it’s good to know you are adapting to what feels more comfortable-
    here’s hoping politics become more palatable as they (hopefully) move toward seeing the truth about the ‘Entitled One’ and his minions- I don’t even know anymore what I actually want … impeachment now or actual prosecution later? … he just becomes a more embarrassing creature on a daily basis-
    here’s to a comfortable autumn in your part of the country … this part of Texas remains hot and humid (no big surprise)-
    as always, regards from

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