Okay, so I didn’t post over the weekend….

First, Sophie: She’s back to her normal. She’s feeling better, has more energy, but I’m grateful to be working from home, because around 3 this afternoon she woke from her all day nap and began pacing around the house, so when I got out of yet another virtual meeting I took her out. I’m lucky to be working from home under the circumstances, it’s saving me a lot of paper towels and gross cleanup.

More on the working from home thing when I know more, but there’s a chance this may be a permanent situation, at least for as long as this contractor gig lasts.

I get my second Moderna shot a week from this Friday, and based on the feedback from those who already got their second shot I’m planning ahead with easy meals and plans to do absolutely nothing that weekend.

I’m just too tired to rant about Gov. DeShithead. Just assume that he’s doing absolutely the wrong thing in every possible decision, and you’ll be right. More ranting if I ever have the energy again.

Meanwhile, here’s some dance stuff. I can’t share the videos, but I can share still photos.

From my granddaughter’s solo to “Stand By Me” performed by Florence + the Machine (an absolutely beautiful song, I love Florence Welch’s voice so much):

The aerial that freaks me out.

She’s standing, left.
Also on the left.

The colorful group dance was my favorite, their costumes had “feathers” along the arms, so their bird dance was very colorful. I wish I could share the video, it was a lot of fun.

Again, I’m brain-fried from work, and I’ve been in this chair since 7:30 a.m. If this from home thing is going to be permanent I’ll need a better chair. This office was set up for a temporary arrangement, and this $59 chair wasn’t meant to be used 12 hours a day for over a year. Yet, apparently that will be my future.

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