OMG, Dare We Feel…Thankful??

So, yeah, life has been interesting, hasn’t it?

It struck me today when our President-Elect announced his cabinet picks, and I hadn’t heard of any of them. Nobody notorious, nobody known to be shady, just competent, respected people who have worked in government a long time and know what they’re doing. People who need to know who they are know them and are very happy, and man, that’s just so…nice.

Meanwhile, the head of the GSA, that Emily person, is now a household word. Before she decided to make a total ass of herself and decided she wanted to be a footnote of infamy in history books, had you ever heard of her? Had you even heard of the GSA? I did, because I grew up in the DC area with parents who were government workers, so I had heard of GSA. Think of it as a sort of property management company; they manage office space for government offices, so that’s their involvement in the presidential transition. They release funding so the new administration has a place to work and can do the mundane things like hire staff. It always happened pretty much automatically, because this is a ministerial function. It wasn’t her call.

So anyway, that’s over. The last, flailing tantrums are dying away, and while we still have to get through two more months of dangerously crazy shit, at least the Biden Administration can get some goddamn office space and desks and access to what they need.

And for that, I am thankful.

3 thoughts on “OMG, Dare We Feel…Thankful??”

  1. Honestly, if there weren’t decent normal people like yourself, and another kindred spirit I Facebook with (we share the spelling of our first name) the shit show would be better than the Three Stooges, but it feels a bit perilous at the moment, too much at stake. I still cannot believe how many STILL voted for the buffoon.

    1. Gae! So good to hear from you! We can only hope that the tantrums are dying down, as Trump loses court case after court case, all the real lawyers have quit, and he’s left with Rudy Guiliani (a walking shitshow all by himself) and some ditzy blonde who is obviously auditioning for Fox News. The awful part is that we still have to deal with 70 million wannabe fascists who thought he was just awesome. And WTF is wrong with white women? I’m a white woman and most of my friends are white women and we are baffled by our supposed sisters. I can only speculate about the dynamics of their relationships with the men in their lives, if they can see that vile orange sack of shit and think, “Yes! That’s a leader!”

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