OMG, It’s SO HOT!!

[Today, a happy update about how things are working out for finances and home repairs, and I’m very glad. Tomorrow I will rant.]

I actually had a park reservation for Disney’s Hollywood Studios today. I woke up after an unusually long night’s sleep and saw “feels like” temps of 105, then walked outside with Gidget into a solid wall of humidity, and came back in and canceled it. I will ride the Star Wars rides someday, but not today, when the air is coming straight out of Satan’s Dry Cleaning.

I slept nearly NINE hours last night, which is a record I haven’t hit in over ten years. I celebrate anything near 8 hours. I am a chronic insomniac since childhood.

The refi on this condo is racing along at, ahem, Rocket speed. I signed my new contract for my return to the job I don’t love, but that I will now be decently compensated to do. And in a weird way, I’ve found myself missing it a bit this week. My subconscious had some breathing room and I have some ideas about how to better manage the crazy, as well as wondering what I’ll return to. Within the next week or so my stress level may actually drop to what normal humans in my age and education and profession cohort experience. It could happen!

The new A/C at the “investment property” that doesn’t actually put money in my bank account is splendid. My daughter reported that they came home yesterday to 76 degrees indoors, instead of the Brave Old Trane from 2001 doing its best to cool at peak hours. And they have a programmable thermostat!

So I’m not at all whining about my situation. All I needed was some breathing room to think about other things, and the plan to fix the shit appeared. I’m hoping when I step back into the job next week it’ll also make more sense. Not sure it will, but I’m hoping.

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  1. Florida residents are having a “fun” time with water: “Tampa is treating tap water with BLEACH instead of liquid oxygen because hospitals need the chemical for Covid patients. Orlando urges residents to boil water because hospitals need liquid oxygen.” We have friends who live in Gulfport and so far they are fine (doubt we’ll visit there in the heat of summer, but…).

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