Pet Updates

I know, I know, “Yeah, the Disney Nerd went to Disney again, whatever! How are the important family members?”

Ellie is healthy again. She does have occasional runny poop but nowhere near as it was, and the prescription Science Diet food and Fortiflora really do seem to have resolved her digestive drama, thank GOD.

I’ve also replaced her supermarket treats with Fruitables. I was very skeptical about whether she’d eat them, but the ingredients are like a healthy digestion prescription: pumpkin, flaxseed, all the good stuff, they sounded too good to be true. She was deeply, deeply devoted to Temptations, and I fully expected her to reject these as she’s rejected so many other new foods. She LOVES them! She’s back to racing me to the kitchen – me for coffee, her for Fruitables. I’m going to have to buy them in bulk. Reminder: I’m an Amazon Associate, so if you buy something through my link I get a small commission. I also only share links to things I have personally vetted.

Gidget went to the groomer this week, and this time I did it right! I slipped my car keys into my pocket while she was in my office, and instead of taking my entire purse I just took my phone and ID.

She began shaking when she figured out that she’d moved to her bed in my office, but I didn’t sit down and work right away and was holding her harness and leash. Too late, Drama Queen, I had your little ass before you could run. I was very proud of myself, until I realized I was gloating over outsmarting a Chorkie. Not exactly worthy of the Nobel Prize, but I’ll take my wins where I can.

I discovered last week that she knows her groomer’s name. She heard me say, “Damn, I forgot to text Abbie today!” to make her an appointment. Gidget immediately ran under the legs of the dining room table and watched me suspiciously, waiting to see if she needed to make a run for it. I told her “Not today,” and she came out. She understands so much. That’s her Yorkie half, I’m sure.

She was home by 10:30, all clean and styled and sweet smelling. She has a thing she does when she gets home from the groomer, she has to run through our house to make sure nothing changed while she was gone for THREE WHOLE HOURS! Anything could have happened! She raced through the house, confirmed I didn’t change anything in her absence, got a treat, and I went back to work.

So I went back to my desk, and then I heard her crying. She ran to the kitchen and squeaked. I called her, she ran to me and seemed fine, then she ran back to the kitchen and cried again. What’s wrong? I got up to investigate.

Ellie was blocking her from the water dish. She wasn’t drinking water, she was just being a bitch. She was crouched over it, trying to look intimidating. It was working on Gidget, it did not work on me. I walked into the kitchen and said, “Ellie! Knock it OFF! That’s just mean!” and Ellie immediately moved away from it like “What? I wasn’t doing anything!” and my poor thirsty little dog got a drink of water.

People always ask me whether they get along, how they act with each other, etc. as they’re both rescues with mostly unknown past lives. They get along like siblings. Ellie teases her, Gidget gets between us on the couch, but it’s not real hostility, just sisterly stuff. I’m very, very lucky to have found these two. The last couple of years would have been infinitely harder without them.

3 thoughts on “Pet Updates”

  1. I’ll try the Fruitables, sounds good. Salmon my rescue LOVES Bursts (Blue Buffalo) he would eat those constantly. He is such a good cat but he has become incredibly spoiled (I can’t imagine why or how). He also thinks canned cat food is disgusting and his regular diet is Science Diet Indoor food (chicken flavor). Amazing what we do for these guys!

  2. I’ll check out those treats. Katniss comes (sometimes) when we shake the bag, but rarely eats them, and I feel guilty that she had to haul her big fluffy butt up onto the stool without any reward.
    I watch a lot of YouTubes, including The Girl with the Dogs, a professional groomer. Huskies, oy.

    1. Ellie is not a fancy cat. I have no idea of her history before living here, but she views ALL canned food as suspicious and nasty, and has gradually, over 5 years, adapted to vet-approved food. So I was really shocked when she tasted her first Fruitable with deep suspicion, and ate the first, and the second, and then commenced hollering for them. You have no idea what I’ve spent on failed food for her, but Fruitables are as acceptable as the Temptations that led to $460 in vet bills that basically came to, “Yeah, she can’t eat that shit anymore.”

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