Quick Ellie Update:

It appears that whatever she was dealing with has passed. She’s affectionate and hungry and isn’t barfing or hovering over the water dish. I’ll continue to keep an eye on her, but at the moment it looks like she ate some paper that disagreed with her. Tonight she was pushing her face into Gidget’s dinner. Gidget tolerated it.

3 thoughts on “Quick Ellie Update:”

  1. Thank you for the update. I quit giving my cat any boxes from online retailers after I read about all the bug repellants that they use (and yes on the boxes). Don’t want my cat or dog exposed to that stuff (or me quite frankly) so those boxes go into the recycling immediately. Good luck with Ellie.

    1. Oh, believe me, I don’t GIVE her any of the paper she rips. She can slither onto a shelf and tear up a magazine cover behind my back. She chews on junk mail. She gnaws on paperback books if I don’t put them out of reach. She doesn’t actually eat the paper, usually, she’s obsessed with the sound of tearing paper and the texture. I’m guessing she accidentally swallowed something that caused distress, but fortunately it has passed. At her last checkup she was declared perfectly healthy, just weird. I will sometimes leave an Amazon box for a few hours until I can flatten it and take it down to the recycling bin in the garage. GTK about the bug repellents though. It makes sense, roaches love cardboard.

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