Quick Update on Sophie

We did a follow up blood test (another $90) and her doctor called me yesterday. Sophie’s protein levels are coming up and are nearly normal, so we will continue the steroid for another two weeks and test again. Then we are going to have to talk about a long term plan, because seriously, I can’t just keep doing $90 outside lab blood work every two weeks.

She’s obviously feeling better, and though her poop is still not solid it is at least staying longer in her intestines, so she’s absorbing more nutrients. However, she is definitely looking thinner, despite cleaning her plate twice a day and eating treats in between. But she’s comfortable and that’s good. Hopefully we can get her on a treatment plan that doesn’t lead to Mommy going broke, er, even more broke.

I’m happy it’s Christmas, and we’re trying to make it as normal as possible within the bounds of good sense. I’m doing a breakfast casserole and little things for a brunch tomorrow to open our few presents, then I’ll send my daughter and her family back to their place to do their own Christmas dinner. Our risk for brunch is very low, we’ve all been isolating and it has been weeks since their last even potential exposure, so we are doing the small, sensible family only stuff. Even then we won’t be in each other’s faces.

A major cold front is coming through and we are going to drop from the high of 80-ish today to 30-ish tomorrow morning, because Florida, this is how we winter.

Meanwhile, my son texted us to say it’s snowing in Asheville. Delaney will be deeply annoyed that we aren’t there for it.

Funny from Twitter: If you buy one of those chocolate Advent calendars on sale after Christmas, you can use it to count down to the Inauguration!

2 thoughts on “Quick Update on Sophie”

  1. Merry Christmas, Catherine! Hope you have a wonderful day.
    The front came through down here last night with huge rainstorms. It’s very breezy and cool but not as cool as where you are.
    I love the advent calendar idea!

    1. Merry Christmas, Caroline! We had wind and rain, though not as apocalyptic as predicted. The temp dropped from 81 to 30 between sundown and sunrise. Right now it’s about 50 and very sunny, and I need a post-brunch nap. 🙂

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