Quick Update.

This was another exhausting week, even without the work shit.

Sophie was put on a new food and a new med. One, or both, violently disagreed with her. I seriously thought she might not recover from the extreme and horrific diarrhea she suffered the first day. I actually took pictures of the third blast, just in case the vet’s office thought I was overreacting. I won’t share them here because yeah, you don’t need the visual.

She exploded. Bless her little heart, she tried to put it on the large potty pad I keep in my master bath dressing area for small dog relief while I’m working, but that was impossible. There was poop spray on the pad, and off the pad 360 degrees. The spray extended 3 feet. It was on my closet doors (thank GOD they were closed or I’d have lost shoes I’d only worn once or twice). It was on my bathroom door, under my bathroom door, and sprayed into the tiled area of the bathroom. She did this THREE times on Wednesday morning before 10 a.m.

When I called the vet’s office after the first dramatic day, I spoke to a tech who was calmly dismissive of my concerns about diarrhea, “Oh, that happens when you introduce new food!” And I tried to describe that this wasn’t a puddle of runny poo. This was horror movie poo. This was slasher movie level, but instead of blood spray we had watery diarrhea.

I thought it might be the change of food, so I put her back on her former prescription food (I had it on hand). I gave her a second dose of the new med on Thursday, and three hours later we had another Dramatic Incident. Apparently it wasn’t the food, it was the new medication.

I read the insert that came with it, and oh hey, the most common negative reaction was…DIARRHEA. So…the vet prescribed it for a dog with chronic diarrhea?

I am exhausted with this…SHIT, in every sense of the word.

Otherwise, my stimulus money hit my bank account right as promised. It’s a small dent in what I’ve had to spend on vet bills, and my car needs tires and brakes, and and and, but it was nice.

I got my first Moderna vaccine yesterday, and aside from a bit of soreness at the vaccination site I’ve had no reaction to speak of. I know the second shot can be more intense, so I’m glad mine were scheduled for Friday afternoons.

Ellie is splendid. Gidget gets her hair done on Wednesday, thank God, because she’s a grubby little blonde Ewok. I gave her face a trim with my small needlework scissors so she could see where she’s going, but our beloved groomer says she’ll find the cute little dog in there, not a moment too soon.

3 thoughts on “Quick Update.”

  1. I’m so sorry wee Sophie, and you, are having this relapse to deal with. I hope that sweetheart stabilizes.
    Yay for the stimulus but I feel ya re: the neverending bills. Not sure when mine will come, the fed website won’t tell me, keeps saying no info. Yay for vaccine and here’s to better days for us all.

    1. Last time around I went through that no info thing. It took weeks, but it did show up eventually. Eventually, it’s all going to get better.

      1. Please goddess and the crick don’t rise. Am continually doing what Annie Lamott suggests…saying Help?

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