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It’s 7 p.m. and the heat index is at 109, down from 113. No rain in the forecast for days. This is not normal.

I have a whole collection of rants about stupid shit online, but “It rains every afternoon for 20 minutes in Florida!” is one of my personal faves. That was true in the 80s, but hasn’t been true for at least the last decade. I love it when someone who happened to be in FL for an afternoon thunderstorm years ago pontificates in the Disney groups on FB about our “afternoon showers.” I wish we still had them. And I’m dreading September through November for storms this year, because the ocean temps are record breaking hot and we have barely gotten any rain yet. I have a bad feeling that storm season will start late and be extra bad. I hope I’m wrong, I WANT to be wrong.

Eddie remains splendid. His only issue is barking like a lunatic when 1) I leave the house (he starts when he hears the garage door open, then stops, then starts again when I return); and 2) he sees ANY dog while he’s walking, even if the dog is a quarter mile away. I asked my neighbors if they could hear him and they assured me they don’t. (These are 40+ year old buildings with thick walls, and the neighbors are all older than I am and hard of hearing.) Other than the barking like a lunatic thing, he’s a delightful little angel in every way.

Eddie will meet my long time dog groomer on Friday. He’d been shaved down by the rescue and now that his coat is growing in it’s raggedy, and his face of course was not shaved all the way so he’s now peering around random clumps of facial hair. That needs to be cleaned up.

Ears and dark patches are also darker than it was when he was shaved. He’s quite handsome, as well as smart and well-behaved (other than the dramatic barking). I got really lucky.

I will have to give my beloved groomer an extra big tip when she wrangles him, because I suspect he’ll lose his shit when I leave him there and scream non-stop for an hour or so. She’s just down the street so I can go collect him as soon as he’s ready.

Gidget is a perfect lady in every way and my groomer says she’s just SO good and a breeze to groom. I’m glad, because I suspect Eddie will be…challenging. My groomer is very experienced and I’m sure she’s up to it, but…this won’t be like grooming Gidget.

Work is tolerable for now. I really do like my boss a lot. I talked frankly with her about my situational depression about my working situation, and she actually made changes that I think will be beneficial, if it works out. She keeps telling me how I’m experienced and good at what I do and I need to be able to use my talents where I’m best suited, and it’s really hard to fantasize about quitting when you have a boss willing to figure out what will work. So we will see: I just need to make it to the sale of the “rental house” at the end of the year and see where I stand.

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