Random Things.

So, my daughter got the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday, with her BFF who is a teacher. (My son-in-law will go separately.) She’s had zero side effects other than a bit of soreness at the vaccination site.

Their appointment was at the big convention center site on the other side of town, it was very well run, and the nice EMTs or whoever they were that jabbed them were funny. My daughter and her friend joked about getting superpowers or turning into zombies from the shot, and the guys jabbing them said, “No, but the chip we inserted will improve your cell service.” But they have to go back in three weeks for the firmware update. They said the experience was great, efficient, and the staff was all funny and nice.

They were given a pack of free masks as a lovely parting gift. It was a breeze, and the end seems a little bit more in sight.

We are coming up on the one year anniversary from when the place where I work sent everybody to work from home “for a while”. Yeah.

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