Random Updates

Sophie: Not good. She’s still hanging in, but the latest meds didn’t work their old magic and the watery fire hose is back. Amazingly, she can control it, mostly, until she’s outside. Accidents in the house only happen if I’m busy or miss her signals. Her signal is a peculiar grunt/snort sound, I don’t know if it’s actually pain or just the feeling of urgency.

Her appetite is poor and she’s visibly thinner, but she’ll rally for a treat and she’s drinking a lot of water. I wish she could talk.

We have a vet appointment Wednesday afternoon, and it’s time for that quality of life discussion. I’m not making any irreversible decisions yet, but I’m afraid we have exhausted all the affordable options. I simply cannot afford to take her to UF veterinary school for thousands of dollars of testing. I’ve spent several thousand already over the last couple of years without a clear diagnosis or a treatment plan that works.

Work: I’m expecting the email telling me when I’m supposed to report to the office for the two day a week pilot program testing the new hybrid work at home/in the office plan. This has triggered a new sense of urgency about losing the quarantine pounds I’ve gained. I’m lucky to be able to wear jeans to work, but seriously, I’m down to ONE pair that actually fits comfortably, the rest (the cute ones in colors) are too damn tight. This is an unacceptable situation -I can’t afford to buy a new wardrobe. (See: $$$$ in vet bills).

I’m still using (and liking) the Lifesum app. (I don’t get paid to promote it.) I’d looked at a few of their diet plans, but I mostly ignored the keto diets. I finally looked at the one they call “ketogenic easy” and realized that it’s the basic low carb diet that always worked for me back in the day. How did I forget how successful that was for me? Why do I do this?

Better late than never: I went back to eating low carb on Friday and I’m down 2 lbs. on Sunday, and it’s very easy to follow. In days of yore when I was actually skinny (many, many days of yore ago) I ate this way. Why did I stop? I don’t know.

I have tried and failed at a 100% plant based diet. I make and enjoy a lot of plant based meals and eat a TON of vegetables, but I just can’t do it 100%. I’m fine with staying 50% plant based and 100% low carb. The scale is finally moving, and maybe by week two or three of the return to the office my other clothes will fit again.

We had a happy Back to Normal event this week: the dance studio held the end of the year recital and guests were allowed to attend! It’s held in a local high school auditorium and tickets were limited, so groups were socially distanced. It was nice to sit with vaccinated family and friends and do something normal!

Little by little, we are getting there.

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