Reclaiming My Balcony.

I never got around to replacing the utterly disgusting, ancient, moldy old carpet on my balconies (front and rear) because money. I’ve been a contractor for the last 5 years, so I don’t get paid time off or sick days or…much of anything…so yeah, anything that wasn’t actually leaking or shooting sparks around Ye Olde Condo was just going to have to wait for Someday, when I win the lottery or something.

But since the election (could I be feeling…hope??) I’ve been staring at the disgusting, ancient, moldy old carpet on the balconies and thinking this cannot wait any longer.

Even Ellie can’t believe how disgusting this is. She was only out there while I snapped the pictures for the handyman.

This is truly heinous. I can’t stand it any longer. I haven’t been using the balcony at all, obviously, and now we are at last coming into balcony weather – the heat of summer is finally over, and this balcony is another big chunk of living space that is just going to waste.

It has taken me a long time to decide what I wanted to do about this mess. A lot of the neighbors have opted to tile these spaces, but I’ve seen what their tile looks like after a few years of Florida weather, and yeah, I’d rather spend a lot less on indoor-outdoor carpet with a 5 year warranty. The stuff that is here now has been there for about 40 years, and the new carpet is much higher quality, made from recycled water bottles, and is a pretty dark charcoal color. If I get 5+ years out of it, that’ll be lovely.

So, I bit the bullet, pulled the trigger, took the plunge (why are all of these idioms so violent) and ordered carpet and found a handyman in the neighborhood to install it for me.

This isn’t something I could DIY, because I don’t have the tools, the time or the skills, plus, I have FOUR, count ’em FOUR project calls back to back on Monday, which is when my handyman neighbor will be here, installing the new carpet.

Next step will be ordering some practical, inexpensive folding furniture. I don’t want “real” outdoor furniture because:

1) did I mention my lack of funds; and

2) I’ve been through hurricanes and yeah, I’d like stuff I can just fold and bring inside, so it doesn’t go airborne and go through my sliding glass doors. I’m thinking a couple of decent quality lounge chairs and a small bistro set for morning coffee will do nicely.

I am indecently excited at the idea of getting additional living space and cooler weather to enjoy it. It’s the little things that keep us sane, you know?

2 thoughts on “Reclaiming My Balcony.”

  1. yep. You’re purely going to love it. Maybe a planter pot on wheels for something colorful and happy to grow it with a few herbs around it? now that we can grow something without it keeling over from heat in 30 minutes. wheels because, um, effing hurricanes even out of season now.

    1. Herbs don’t do well out there. I never understood why until someone who was a better gardener (almost anyone is) explained that the screened balcony blocks some of the light and also natural pollination, so herbs just sort of grow for a bit and die off. But I do want a couple of sturdy plants in pots on wheels. I may try herbs on the front balcony, just to see if they do better without the screens. And yes, effing hurricanes year round seems to be on the horizon, so I can’t put anything out there I can’t pick up and haul in by myself. At 62, I’m a youngster among my immediate neighbors. I am sure my nearly 80 year old neighbor would be all manly and insist on helping me, and yeah…don’t need to test him that way.

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