Resolutions. Or as I prefer to call them, Plans.

Don’t worry, none of my plans involve anything that might tempt the Universe to unleash a new plague. I am tip-toeing into 2021, as we all should. Don’t touch anything, don’t make any big announcements, just sorta pretend nothing’s going on, yeah, I’m just going to write a list of totally random stuff I don’t really care about.

2020 truly was a bitch. Actually, the last four years were a bitch, but 2020 truly doubled down on the awful. I went into our brief, half-assed Florida-style “quarantine” like so many other people, full of great intentions to exercise, get a regular yoga practice, learn a new skill, blah blah… And like so many other people, I did fine for the first couple of months, until it became apparent that this was going to go on much longer and get much worse than we’d thought. Add the election stress on top, and all of my lofty goals of self care suddenly didn’t seem important at all.

I of course was still working from home all day, and other than not commuting 20 minutes each way to the office, my work life didn’t really change all that much since March. (Though I do appreciate my former co-workers more, none of them farted all day like my current office mates.) I still don’t like my job much, but I don’t see any better options on the horizon at the moment. And of course, I’m very grateful for the paycheck.

And as I am politically informed and active, summer through Election Day was insanely stressful. It’s still very stressful now, of course, but I do feel some confidence that we will be through the worst of these times soon.

So, back to 2021. I did learn some lessons from 2020; I definitely learned that at my age, self-care is no longer optional. So I found some simple (and free) plans to get myself together. I really have no excuses for January, because I’ll still be working from home and can’t claim I can’t find the time. I will find the time.

First, I’m so damn sick of cooking, thinking about food, planning meals, I nearly re-upped with WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) but couldn’t quite bring myself to spend the money. Then I got an email from a foodie site I follow, Pinch of Yum. Plant Powered January, you say? You will provide recipes and grocery lists and basically let me shut off my brain for a month and not have to plan anything? And it’s free?? Why, yes, thank you, I am IN.

The past few days I’ve made time for quick yoga, and of course, our girl Adriene has a new January restart. I’m in for this, too. I particularly love Adriene’s YouTube page, because it’s sorted out into length of the progam. Many are under 20 minutes, and some don’t even require changing out of your work clothes. (I do not wear “office” clothes at home, but I do get up and shower and groom myself. and put on jeans and a t-shirt. I don’t work in pajamas, but I rarely wear shoes.) I make a point of pausing to do a quick stretch in the middle of my work day, and I swear I’m feeling a bit more sane already.

And I’m starting a new bullet journal, because my OCD demands a new book at the start of a year. More about that later.

Other notes:

I’m afraid to say Sophie’s doing well, because like 2021, I’m scared to jinx it. So, just assume no news good.

Gidget remains practically perfect in every way.

Ellie is…a cat. As I’m writing this, Gidget is asleep behind me. Ellie just had to tease Gidget and make her jump. I asked her if she really, really would like to go back to the shelter and try again for a new family. She settled down.

3 thoughts on “Resolutions. Or as I prefer to call them, Plans.”

  1. I bought a planner! Even if I just use it to log when I take my massive D3 supplement, I’ll be happy. (Retired, and glad of it right now.)

    1. Hey, I use mine for remembering when I changed the AC filter, and I keep a running checklist of the most basic stuff: vitamins, shoveling the catbox, exercise. (I have no idea why I’m not an Instagram sensation with such glamorous content.)

  2. Catherine, your plan sounds like the best ever. As always, you inspire me. I’m in with Adrienne in the new year, beyond that, maybe journaling daily to vent and try to preserve what shreds remain of my sanity. Taking it a few minutes at a time, these days.
    Glad the wee beasties are doing well. Wishing you a peaceful and sneakily glorious new year.

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