So, Being a Major Coronavirus Hotspot Wasn’t Enough, Florida?

Apparently we might be having a hurricane.

I live inside the western edge of the cone, so we might just get the outer bands/lots of rain, but it’s too soon to feel safe. We all have Post Irma Stress Disorder, when it was supposed to skim the west coast.

The latest projection it’s going to show up at 2AM on Sunday, because of course it is. And my job includes me being on a storm team, so Monday should be delightful.

If I have no power, I have no idea what’ll happen. We’re all still okay, Gidget got her hair done today so she’ll look way better than me if I lose power. I’m getting excited about how my gray is growing in.

Tomorrow is August – I’ve been working from home since mid-March. Florida still fucked it all up royally, and now DeDumbshit is opening the schools, putting my family in direct danger, and I’m in a constant state of rage because it didn’t have to be this awful, and it’s only going to get worse.

Tomorrow will be all rage cleaning, all the time. Charging chargers. Finding flashlights. Freezing blue ice thingies. Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst. I think we’re okay here, but who the fuck knows?

3 thoughts on “So, Being a Major Coronavirus Hotspot Wasn’t Enough, Florida?”

  1. I profoundly hope the pressure ridge to the west pushes it away from you. My mom is in Homestead and supposedly will get only rain and wind but like you, I trust that about as much as DeShitis.
    And you know how hot it gets after the hurricane passes, always a delight without power and air.
    Anyway, crossing fingers and toes.

    1. It was a nothingburger here. We had one strong outer band around 11 a.m., endless gray skies and breezy, and almost no rain. But until it actually passed north of us there was the chance it would shift and come ashore, so it basically just screwed up the weekend.

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