So, Let’s Have a Tropical Storm!

Fingers crossed the power stays on. I have Post Irma Stress Disorder after spending a week without power in 2017, but so far Elsa isn’t expected to turn this far inland. Of course, Irma wasn’t supposed to either. Yeah, we’ll see. Depending on the path of the storm, I may get pulled into “storm duty” at work, which I actually wouldn’t mind.

The vet’s office called to say that Sophie was back with them, and I could pick her up anytime “at the drive through” (they have a drive up window for picking up medications). I was so startled I laughed and said, “That just sounded so weird,” and the tech laughed too. Then I blinked tears for a few seconds. Her ashes will be next to Murphy’s on the tall chest. I think I’ll leave her safe and dry at the vet’s office until Elsa passes.

I’ll check in on the other side.

3 thoughts on “So, Let’s Have a Tropical Storm!”

    1. Elsa actually followed the predicted path and stayed mostly offshore until it got up into the Big Bend. We had rain but hardly any wind. Today’s “normal” rain will probably be worse. 🙂

  1. Sending positive thoughts your way that the only Elsa you’ll see is at WDW. And such a sweet thought to think of Sophie and Murphy hanging out together.

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