So. Many. Rants.

I’ve been storing them up for a while. I’m intentionally taking a break from political rants because it can all be summarized thusly:

The Republican Party is now officially fascist and anti-American, and has become a fringe minority with way too much power and media attention. Fuck them, we need to turn out in 2022 to crush them out of existence.

It looks like our awesome local Congresswoman Val Demings is going to run for Marco Rubio’s Senate seat. This is fantastic. She is fantastic. That is all for now, more later.

The last few weeks have been exhausting, and now we are into 100 degree F heat and storm season, so, FUN!!

I will move on this weekend to rant about ageism, the liberal version of “Covidioits” and how seriously, we need Schoolhouse Rock for grownups, and we need to teach about the Constitution starting in around 3rd grade. And science. Goddamn, I only took the minimum of science classes required for my degree, but I am working with engineers who know less than I do about shit like vaccines. It’s exhausting.

So, it’s a 3 day weekend, it’s going to be extremely hot and possibly stormy, and I am going to indulge a wild urge to crochet a cardigan. I actually already own the yarn in a toffee shade, I bought it for a knitted cardigan that looks awesome but also would be like holding an afghan on my lap in summer. In Florida. So, I haven’t made a crocheted garment in years, just afghans, but the construction of this one is clever, and I am intrigued. We shall see how it goes.

Oh, and Sophie bounced up this morning feeling fine and demanding treats, the opposite of the dog at death’s door I’ve lived with for the last month+. I have no idea what will happen next.

One thought on “So. Many. Rants.”

  1. Rant on! I have a physical reaction to the news these days, and click away as fast as I can.
    We put in our AC when we were going to have ONE DAY of 80+ degree heat. I don’t think I could do Florida!

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