So ready to kick 2020 to the curb.

I had a pleasant Christmas. We did a small family brunch at noon, with mimosas, croissants, and this breakfast casserole (so easy and I just ate the last leftover serving this morning). Cute gifts (not identical to the set I received, but close), and all in all, a pleasant end to this shitty year.

My daughter (she who finds all the cool stuff on Buzzfeed) gave me a gift subscription to Sips by. For the next 3 months, I’ll receive a monthly box of four new teas to try. This fits nicely with my personal resolution to drink more tea, less wine and Diet Coke, so it was a perfect surprise.

My four days off end today. As a contractor I don’t get paid time off or holiday pay, so those four days came out of my pocket. My employer did send me a fabulous Christmas present: I got a skinny envelope with a bit of cardstock in it, with an “online privacy cover” a sort of bandaid about the size of a corn plaster, emblazoned with the company logo, to stick over the camera on my laptop. No, I’m not kidding. I’d share a photo but, yeah, company logo and all.

As my daughter put it, “Not even the Jelly of the Month Club.”

I do have to wonder who thought of this and was like, “This is how we will show our employees our appreciation!’ I’ve had some shitty and demoralizing corporate “gifts” over the course of my career, but these people truly astonish me.

I’m so ready to get this year over with, I think I’ll take the tree and interior decorations down today, and make room for my yoga mat. My work week starts bright and early tomorrow, but I will make time for Sunrise yoga. It’s only 15 minutes and not very taxing, but I do feel better when I do it. Later I’ll plan my new bullet journal(s) . I keep a personal one and a separate notebook for work, because I can’t bring myself to let the work shit pollute my personal time.

I have plans for 2021. I’m almost afraid to say them out loud- is anyone else feeling like we dare not jinx it?

5 thoughts on “So ready to kick 2020 to the curb.”

  1. That was a shitty ‘gift’. I so wish there were some other, better work situation for you.
    Here’s to a better 2021, somehow, someway.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Yes. My mother is refusing to return to SLC with me so friends have convinced her to accept assisted living in Miami. Which will be a clusterfuck since they will not be able to do the extras I do, nor offer her the flexibility I can provide. and will cost an arm and a leg. So we will go through this charade, then it will crash and burn and I will have to fly back and try again to convince her to return with me.
      I am so over her and over this situation.

      1. Oh God, I’m so sorry. I went through this with my mother years ago. In my case I couldn’t have my mother living with me, even if I could have done it mentally, she was having an issue with falling and I was working an hour away. So I found a super-nice assisted living situation about ten minutes from me, and it lasted about a month before she started acting out, refusing to eat, etc. It was indeed a clusterfuck. My kids have been instructed that if I start acting like that, they are to Baker Act me and get me on meds.

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