So, really, 2021?

I can’t even write about the current national shitstorm, except to say that I’ve never seen this country divided like this – maybe when I was a child in the 60s, but we didn’t have Fox News and right wing radio and all the other fringe “networks” spreading the crazy. I am not staying up to watch the Georgia Senate race results, I will not even peek at Twitter tonight; I need to sleep. I’ll just say that we who were freaked the fuck out in November of 2016 were FUCKING RIGHT ALL ALONG. Don’t anybody ever “both sides” at me again. BOTH SIDES DON’T.

Meanwhile, my daughter just called me to report that my son-in-law got rear-ended in a crash in an adjacent county, and he’s afraid his barely two year old car (purchased after he got slammed in another accident – again an innocent bystander*) is totaled. *Timeline corrected: his car was totaled four years ago, she passed her car to him and got her used RAV4, then about eighteen months ago he traded the older car on the car that just got totaled. (Update from my daughter: the trunk is in the backseat, he got pushed into the car in front of him, and yeah, his sweet little Toyota is totaled.) She’s on her way to pick him up. He did, THANK GOD, have his seat belt on, and ALL the airbags deployed. He’s shaken up, obviously, but ambulatory, so they’ll see how he feels tomorrow. Going to a Florida ER for anything other than a dangling limb feels…unwise right now.

And on that note, my New Year’s Day self wound care worked out fine. I’m still being careful with my middle finger on my left hand, because I don’t want to break it open and bleed into my keyboard, but it’s looking pretty good. I can still flip the bird.

3 thoughts on “So, really, 2021?”

  1. I spent my birthday with my hands cramping up from keeping my fingers crossed for Georgia! So glad it worked.

    Sorry about your son in laws accident, he will be sore all over for a few days! I’ve copped a couple of shunts like that in my time, both not my fault, one a rear ender, the other a t-bone. For the t-bone I was alone in the car and the distracted idiot hit the sliding door just behind the passenger seat. A very ‘inconspicuous’, bright yellow VW van right in front of her, believe it or not!

  2. I’m so glad he’s walking away from it. Still might want xrays, yanno? Necks are delicate things.
    Like you, I’m hoping Georgia pulls our fat outta the fire. Pretty hard to sleep with the Sword of Atlanta hanging overhead, though.

    I need Samuel L. Jackson glowering at me and roaring his famous line.

    1. Yeah, she sent me pictures of the car and he’s lucky to have walked away from that. Hooray for airbags, and for sturdy little Toyotas. I’m sure they’ll follow up with medical care. Fortunately, the driver who caused the crash has insurance (not at all a given where this happened), and a cop actually witnessed the accident.

      And it looks like Georgia did indeed save our Democracy!!

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