is going to be my first paid day off in six and a half years. It’s so weird, I feel almost guilty for taking it when I could be working?

I’ll get over it. I’m very, very grateful that this has happened, because it’s just starting to sink in how very fucking HARD the last decade really was, and how lucky I was to get through it and reach what appears to be a level of financial stability.

Back to the windows saga.

So, I reached out to another company about an appointment. Made appointment for this Saturday. Assumed my part was done, as I am, yanno, the CUSTOMER.

Oh, no. I got called early today to confirm Saturday’s appointment. I couldn’t pick up immediately, because yanno, job, but I called back within minutes. I got a child receptionist who told me she couldn’t confirm my appointment herself, and nobody was picking up the phone, so somebody would call me back.

Nobody called me back.

I did get a text from the company, asking me to call to confirm my appointment.

The guy who answered was very nice, but also could not confirm my appointment.

More terrible hold music, finally a perky woman answered and did, at last, confirm my appointment, and grilled me about the details of what I wanted from them.

Windows. Bitch, I just want new windows that will keep the weather out and the AC in! You guys do windows, right? I want you to show up and take measurements and give me a price for new windows. This is your business.

It’s like they’re screening for customers, putting us through a challenge to see if we are worthy of their time. I’m just baffled by this shit. I know I need windows, I want windows, I just want a company with a standard level of professionalism that makes an appointment and doesn’t make the customer make four extra calls to confirm their appointment. If you can fucking text me, you can fucking confirm the appointment via text. WT Actual F here?

This is torture. I had no idea it would be this ridiculous.

OTOH, I have my first paid day off in years tomorrow. I will focus on that.

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  1. Nice to have a PAID holiday, that is wonderful! Hope you can relax and enjoy? Windows, so sorry for all the “confusion” – the trades have gone to hell. Getting people to do work is pretty impossible.

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