Sophie Update.

Sophie went back to the vet this afternoon. I like this vet child who I’m pretty sure is years younger than my favorite boots. We discussed the future and agreed we are in palliative care now. The vet does want to try capsules of the antibiotic Sophie refused to take as a sprinkle on her food, but just a two week course; it’ll work or it won’t. If she doesn’t respond in two weeks, well, we’ll plan her graceful exit. I’m not going to let her die by inches from dehydration and protein loss.

Of course, after many horrible days in a row, this week she’s visibly better and eating, sleeping, and controlling her poop’s timing. It’s still a horrible, liquid, stinky spray, but she hasn’t had an accident in the house in a week.

I did splurge on a complete blood panel today, because we agreed that it’s needed. Not much point in throwing everything at the diarrhea without knowing whether her kidneys or liver or whatever are also in trouble. This other antibiotic with the steroid are literally the last Hail Mary pass.

Not a cheery update, but this isn’t a happy situation.

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