We’ve had a very bad few days. She’s not responding to the Hail Mary Pass Pricey Medicine at all. Explosive diarrhea overnight is now a daily event, it’s not even a surprise. This morning I woke up to a huge spray on (and a small bit off) the TWO giant Great Dane Sized potty pads I put down for her and thought, okay, well, that’s bad, but bless her heart, she (mostly) hit the potty pads…and then found the giant spray all over the floor in the hall bathroom. I had to apologize to Ellie, she had to dodge that mess to get to her own litterbox. I spent over an hour of my Saturday morning cleaning up, and it really needs a second pass.

I had to throw out the (very cheap) rug I’d had at the front door, she’d been peeing on it as well as on the potty pads, but on Friday morning I woke to find she’d had diarrhea all over it, instead of on the potty pads a few feet away. I’m guessing she was sleeping on that rug, it’s closer to the water dish, and a sudden urgency hit in the night. And she’s drinking SO much water, but peeing less than she had been. She’s dehydrating. She’s not eating much. She doesn’t want to walk, she doesn’t care about anything. She’s worn out.

I have a late Monday afternoon vet appointment for a recheck. If we are out of options, I’m not going to continue this. It’s torture for both of us.

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  1. Know you want the best for Sophie! Take care of yourself and take care of Sophie. She deserves to rest.

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