Sophie’s Still With Us

Sorry for the long blog silence. No great drama, just work, including a trip up into a part of Florida I rarely visit for work. Anyway…

Sophie. Today was quite a day. Sophie had massive diarrhea six times before noon, 3x outside and 3x in, and I really do need to repaint my bathroom. So I’m going out on a limb to say that the last medication recommended by the latest vet was not effective. Just me, I’m not a medical professional or anything.

I took Sophie back to the vet this afternoon and basically told them what I wanted: Metronidazole and Prednisone. It’s what works. The vet launched into an explanation about how BAD that is long term, and I pointed out that at this rate, “long term” isn’t an issue, because she is SHITTING HER BRAINS OUT. (I was more polite than that, actually, but tried to convey the intensity of the situation, which is horrific.)

It’s the weekend, and if this keeps up, Monday they’ll be telling me they need to admit her for IV fluids, FFS!

This is not my first time with this issue. Let’s stop the BRAINS SHITTING OUT issue FIRST, then tinker around with less strong treatments, because at the rate she’s declining, LONG TERM MAY NOT BE A CONCERN. Get her stable, then we’ll talk long term, OKAY??

I left with the metro, already had the pred filled. She’s had her first dose. We’ll know if she’s going to respond by Monday at the latest. Dr. Mom rides again.

She ate all of her dinner, took her meds with peanut butter, and is snoring now. Fingers crossed, because honestly, I’m not going to make her a science experiment. My mission is to make her feel good and enjoy life, not just keep her alive at any cost.

5 thoughts on “Sophie’s Still With Us”

  1. Thank you for standing up for Sophie. My elder beagle was on prednisone for 2 years if that’s the drug the vet is concerned about. I don’t know anything negative about the metronidazole. I do know that it is the best to fix up my elder lab when he gets a bout of what we call Toby-butt.

    Good luck!

    1. My Yorkie was on pred off and on for SIX years, before he passed at the respectable age of 15.5.
      These vets are driving me crazy with their caution about using it – we are dealing with a dog who is probably going to die soon anyway. (I’m very sad about it, but objectively, that’s the situation.) Throw everything at it, FFS!

      Unfortunately, we’ve been throwing it at her for a while now, and the situation is not improving. I don’t think we’re going to beat it this time.

  2. I would have thought the vet would realize that you aren’t thinking long term at this point. I’m glad you took charge! Nonetheless, I’ve been where you are a few times and it’s really awful. I wish you strength.

  3. Hard to imagine your struggle. I had problems with my cat Jack before he left us but nothing like your ordeal. Think about Sophie almost everyday! Take good care of yourself.

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