Still Here, Much to Say, Stand By.

Today was the last day of keeping/feeding The Dancer (more on that soon) three days a week. My food budget is heaving a huge sigh of relief, because damn, that kid can eat. Feeding a 5′ tall 10 y.o. dancer is a reminder that dance is a sport and athletes are bottomless pits. Keeping her also messed up my exercise plans, because she arrived at around 7:15 am, making it awkward for me to get any exercise before I had to shower and be at my desk by 8 (and before 6 there are Giant Mosquitoes).

Not that I’m complaining, the kid is fabulous and was no bother at all and I enjoyed having her, but we did treat ourselves to McDonald’s a few times and there were cookies and otherwise things that would normally not be in my house, and if they are in my house, I will eat them. Add the aforementioned lack of walking in the morning, and yeah, tomorrow the regrouping begins. I have plans for July.

I turned 64 yesterday. I swear in my head I still feel like I’m in my 40s, which is not possible in real time. So far my body is holding up better than expected so I’m okay with this in general, but damn, why can’t I just retire in a year? Retirement was always at 65 when I was growing up, now I can’t get full Social Security until I’m 66 years 8 months. The difference isn’t really life-changing, so I’m still thinking 65, if I can stand this job beyond that it’s gravy

Anyway, July will be all mine, outside of work, which is…work. My ass is in a chair, staring at screens. I have to break that up when I can. I have plans. I want to get back to paring down my shit to things that I really need, and exercising and getting back on the WW wagon and all that good stuff.

I will write about politics after I get a week of walking and yoga and general settling of my nervous system, because holy shit. We are living in interesting times.

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