Sunday Evening Blues. Again.

Still haven’t won the lottery. Work tomorrow. Bleh.

What has happened since my last bleh update? Not much, really. I need to get more aggressive about my “retirement” planning, because I’m definitely feeling the burnout.

After 3 years in the trenches in the Florida school system, my daughter got COVID last week. So, apparently, did half her co-workers. Nobody was really sick, everybody just remarked that “Damn, my allergies are driving me crazy!” She was stuffy and headachy and felt like shit all week, but allergies-sick, no fever, no drama.

On Thursday she lost her sense of taste and smell, and thought “Ruh-roh.” The Boyfriend (who still needs a blog nickname) had a test on hand at his place, and yep, after 3 years, one cruise, several theme park visits, weekend trips, restaurants, grocery stores, a couple of airplanes, and all sorts of exposure to germ wagon kids on the job, IN FLORIDA, where precautions were abandoned three years ago, she finally tested positive. It’s Sunday and she’s already much better and taste and smell are coming back, Thank God and the vaccines. The Kid was with her dad this weekend, but he got her tested and she was negative.

I’ve been trying to think of what I want to do for my 65th birthday and other than win the lottery and retire, I can’t think of anything extra special, so we have a contingency plan for a weekend at my favorite resort. Because yes, coffee on the balcony with “my” giraffes, brunch at Boma, and maybe an evening and fireworks at one of the parks is ALWAYS a great weekend. BTW, if you did click through to the Boma menu, please note that it says “partial listing.” That’s just the core things, the buffet is extensive and amazing, and the bread pudding sounds so average but is NOT. And the scrambled eggs have goat cheese and herbs, and there are African breakfast options of porridge and soups, and there’s POG juice and French press coffee, and you do have to get a reservation because the internet knows this is the best breakfast on Disney property. No character greets, just amazing food. You can dine there without staying at the resort and walk out to the viewing areas to see the animals and walk around to view the African art, and the little room off the main lobby that shows how Rich White People roughed it on safari 100+ years ago, with their giant tents and silver tea services. It’s hilariously, uncomfortably educational.

If you want a more little kid friendly but also good menu with characters, Tusker House in Animal Kingdom is delightful! (Boma is also little kid friendly for sure, but you don’t get to meet Mickey and Minnie in their safari wear at Boma.)

If something better, or a winning lottery ticket, should pop up, we can always change, but honestly, I’m happy with this.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Blues. Again.”

  1. You have quite the governor – god help us all if he ever gets to be president! “Walt Disney Co. said Thursday it was scrapping plans to build a $1 billion office complex in Orlando, Florida which would have seen 2,000 workers relocate from California amid an ongoing feud with Gov. Ron DeSantis.”

    1. Edited: They WERE spending a billion on it. My bad, I thought the billion was the total investment over time. Whoa. Lake Nona is an existing tech-and-health-care focused “live, work, play” fancy giant development. Disney is still planning to spend billions in FL in the next decade, including a big investment in desperately needed housing. I suspect this was a mass revolt by the CA employees being transferred and Bob Iger saying, “Yeah, you’re right, screw this.” This was his predecessor’s project, and the current climate here combined with CA employees not wanting to move to this fascist Petri dish, it was an easy thing to cancel. Plus it makes the point that FL is now an unattractive location for major employers due to the Republican stranglehold on the government, which is totally true.

  2. your birthday plans sound perfect. Happy Birthday in advance!
    Sorry about the bleh on bleh. Hope some several funny and fun things find you soon.

  3. Sorry about your daughter, glad she is already improving! Winning the lottery isn’t a possibility for me but if you really do play good luck! Hope your Disney plans go as anticipated?!?

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