Even the bees are cute at Disney.

I spent an afternoon at Disney’s Animal Kingdom with my daughter. We ate lunch at Flame Tree Barbeque, and we were visited by a bee.

The bee really, really wanted to dine with us, mostly with me. It was fixated on me, or more accurately, on my cupcake. I gently shooed it away several times, but it was persistent. After we finished eating we sat at our waterside table for a while to catch the (deeply weird) new kite show, and my new pet bee settled down to dine on my cupcake leftovers.

The cupcake was good, but I think the bee enjoyed it more than I did.

I am not a big fan of bees demanding my attention, and this one was like a stalker. It would not quit. When I shooed it from the table it settled on my bag and waited on my water bottle. At one point my daughter leaped up in alarm, but we both finally realized this was a sweet little bee, a Disney Bee, and it just REALLY, REALLY , I MEAN REALLY, wanted some buttercream frosting. At this point people at the table next to us were engaged in the bee show.

It finally got up the courage to settle down and dig in.

This bee didn’t just sample and leave, it settled down and snacked on buttercream frosting for over 15 minutes. We watched the truly bizarre new kite show (it’s awful, I can’t imagine how it got the go-ahead unless it’s just a filler for something else coming soon). When you have to build expectations of the kites crashing into the narration of the show…you’ve got a problem.

Yep, a bit terrifying.

And while we watched and mocked, the bee snacked on. I swear its little bee eyes were glowing with joy. It finally got full and flew away before I had to decide how to deal with throwing away the cupcake remains, because we were ready to move on. I didn’t want to disappoint it.

I’ve been to Disney so many, many times, but this was the first time I had a cute little bee beg to share my cupcake.

Stares at Blinking Cursor…. (swearing but also animals)

[I started writing this before the race was called for Biden-Harris. I went back and edited it a bit, to take out some of my disgusted musings on exactly why so many of my fellow Americans are garbage people. But, yeah, we have a lot of garbage people among us.]

I don’t know, y’all. It looks like our democracy will survive, Thank GOD, but we really have a lot of serious issues we need to face in this country. Like the fact that a lot of Americans are just fucking awful people.

I’m trying to work up the energy to discuss white women. What is wrong with white women? How on EARTH did so many of my fellow white women vote for that narcissistic sociopath? TWICE??

I know there’s a lot of, uh, “low information voters” in this country, and when Trump “won” the first time, I could sort of forgive the dim bulbs who saw him on their teevee and really did think he was some powerful, successful businessman. But after all the lies and incompetence and sheer wannabe fascist malevolence of his administration, MORE of them voted for him this time? What the FUCK???

So, yeah. I’m deeply, deeply relieved that the good guy (and gal) won, but damn, the last 4 years brought a lot of dark, ugly truths to light.

A lot of America is NOT “better than this.” A fair chunk of it is truly awful.

And on that cheery thought – I knew this week would be difficult, so I gave myself a mental health day on Wednesday, and took my fun new camera to Animal Kingdom. I didn’t ride the roller coaster, I just spent a few hours with the animals.

For the non-Disney-nuts: Animal Kingdom has a safari, which is by far the coolest thing in the park IMHO. You really do get close to the animals at times because much of it is open “savannah” with giraffes and zebras et al. wandering free.

I have to say that as many times as I’ve been on Kilimanjaro Safaris, I’ve never been THIS close to a rhino. This is an open vehicle, and I actually could have put a hand out and touched him. The rhinos had our truck surrounded for several minutes, and we had to wait patiently until they were ready to move on.

I could have reached out and touched him. I didn’t.
We had to wait until the roadblock cleared. Rhinos don’t care about your human schedule.

It was just so pleasant to be outdoors (wearing masks and social distancing) and feel the breeze and just sit and watch rhinos snacking on the grass, totally ignoring the large truck full of humans stopped behind them. I will admit that I did sneak peek at my phone a few times through the day, to see what was going on with the vote count, but mostly I just watched animals and enjoyed NOT being chained to my desk in my home office.

Just snacking, as you do.
Zen Tiger.
It was an absolutely gorgeous day.
I don’t know why, but this shot amused me.

Lunch at Yak and Yeti quick serve was delicious. I intentionally leaped off my plant based wagon to try the very intriguing Korean Fried Chicken sandwich . It was excellent – who knew kimchi and fried chicken were made for each other?

It was a delightful mid-week break, and I think I’m going to do something like this once a month. I also, I swear, will blog more than once a month!