First and Last Days of First Grade.

I think her legs doubled in length!

I’m still messing around with formatting in WordPress, which has way more bells and whistles than Blogger. Today I’m figuring out how to insert and format photos, so here are a few pics of Delaney.

My daughter took the first and last day of school photos in the same spot on campus. Can you believe how much this girl changed in a year? At this rate, she’ll be as tall as I am by 4th grade. She’s doing great. She’s smart as hell, very funny, utterly dance-obsessed, reading waaay above grade level, taught herself to write in cursive, she’s really quite a kid.

While Grandma does worry that dance takes up so much of her life at such a young age, she truly lives to dance. The hours of work those kids put in are mind-boggling, but she’s thriving on it. It requires a lot of mental discipline as well as physical talents, and as everything academic is a breeze for her, it’s good that she has something in her life that requires this much focus. And her poise and confidence in competition will serve her well in any future career. She can walk out onto a huge stage at 7 and perform a solo in front of hundreds of people and a panel of judges, and her smart, sassy personality shines through. I never could have done this at her age.