Trying To Be Normal

I held this post for a couple of days, thinking maybe I needed to hold it and revisit it. Fuck that, if I need to change anything it’s that I don’t say FUCK enough.

On Saturday The Dancer participated in the Championship Swim Meet that wraps up summer swim team. She took gold in freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke for her age group. This summer program becomes a major swim program at the high school level, they funnel swimmers onto college teams with scholarships. We are hoping that when she hits middle school dance will not be such a big deal, and she’ll switch to year round swim with this program. Ain’t no scholarships coming from dance competitions, child. Get your naturally athletic ass into the pool.

But then she also got a call from the director of the dance team that they are only doing one hip hop dance this year and it’ll mostly be older girls, but she’s in that dance without auditioning. (The auditions were the same day, and she was sort of busy winning gold medals for swimming.) So, yeah, it’s hard to ask a 9 year old to choose. She’ll do both for another year.

Oh, and she also got top scores on the FL standardized testing for her grade level. She was disappointed to learn she’d missed two math questions.

My daughter got a few professional photos from dance finals this year:

She looks absolutely beautiful here, of course, but Grandma prefers this version of her:

So yes, I am in a state of absolutely incandescent fucking rage that she has to go back to school this month and that motherfucker DeShithead has banned school districts from instituting mask requirements and requiring vaccinated staff. He will fine them, withhold funding, punish schools for trying to keep un-vaccinated children safe. This child will be vaccinated as soon as it’s available for her age group, but we will be living on tenterhooks until she’s safe. She understands the importance of masks and is great about wearing them, and fortunately I think the majority of parents at her school are not fucking morons.

But we are now in a place where a 9 going on 10 year old has to be more responsible than the adults who are supposed to be in charge.

Fuck all Republicans, seriously. You did this, by electing these science denying morons like DeShithead, who is actually signing executive orders forbidding schools from taking any steps to keep children safe in their classrooms.