Welcome to the New Bossy Doghouse

After many, many months of intermittent blogging at my old home on Blogger, I’ve had an urge to reboot my original blog.  http://yorkiedog.blogspot.com/ If you came here from the original Bossy Little Dog, thanks for hanging in there.  Be patient with me; while WordPress isn’t hard, it’s just a bit different from Blogger.

If I’m going to actually start blogging again, I figured should do it right.  I have new hosting, WordPress, and there will be actual topics and tags and organization that was totally lacking for the 16 YEARS!!! I messed around with the old blog.  I still have thoughts, and I still have the urge to inflict them on the world.

I turned 61 years old on Friday, and while I swear to God in my head I’m still 40ish, the reality is I’m roughly 5 years from retirement, whatever that will mean for me.  I’ll never be able to afford to fully retire, that’s just reality.  For me, “retirement” will mean cutting back from a 40 hour cube rat existence to a couple of part time jobs, and it’s time to lay the groundwork for that future.

So Bossy Little Dog 2.0 will be about where I am now, and how I’m planning for the future.  It’ll still be the eclectic (that sounds so much nicer than disorganized) blog it always was, but hopefully easier to navigate.  I have thoughts about aging, money, bullet journals, dogs, politics, Florida, knitting and lots more, but I’ll try to organize things a bit better this time.  The original blog will remain in place, but even I have a hard time searching my own archives.

If you came here from the old blog, I know the most important question I must answer: “Never mind you, how are Sophie and Ellie?” They are both fine. I’ll share more about Sophie’s Most Expensive Gastrointestinal Adventure Yet in a post of its own, because approximately 2 months and $2,000 in vet bills deserves its own post.

I’m back!! This is exciting!!