Happy Friday.

I’ve made it through the first “work from home” week without killing anyone or losing my mind. (Though if I lost my mind, would I be able to tell?)

Things I’ve learned: Getting out for a walk in the morning has helped my stress level, as long as I avoid the unfunny neighbor. I’m going to add yoga to the rotation; depending on my conference call schedule there are some days when a morning walk won’t happen. It’s already very hot here, and the HOA has warned about a new, very large bear sighting, so I prefer to wait until the sun is up before I walk.

I really miss my two big computer monitors at the office. I’m wondering whether, if this goes on for an extended time, we’ll be able to go in and take them home.

I had been beating myself up a bit for being a bit of a hoarder earlier this year, buying craft supplies and whatever just because it “was a good deal.” I am no longer beating myself up about that. It may be the thing that keeps me sane.

I’m glad I trusted my inner neurotic and bought one of the last giant packs of toilet paper available on Amazon. After I ordered, I thought I was crazy, and surely this bizarre paper products shortage would sort itself out in a few days. So far, it has not. Otherwise, Publix has rallied and the stores are pretty well stocked.

I have a lengthy and thoroughly uninteresting work project I’ve been putting off that I must deal with today. I also have some very ripe bananas on the kitchen counter, and I think I have all the ingredients for banana bread. A loaf for now, and one for the freezer – that’s the plan for this afternoon.

And I hope Chewy is able to sort out their delivery issues; I’m running low on Sophie’s prescription food. Poor Sophie; she’s not d0ing very well. It’s like she’s become an old dog; though she’ll be turning 11 next month that’s not really old for a small dog. She’s sleeping a LOT, snoring deeply, and has definitely lost a lot of her vision.

Yesterday she lost her footing going down the stairs, and I felt the leash tighten in my hand so I was able to “fly” her the rest of the way in her padded harness and help her land on her feet at the bottom. Thank God she’s a small dog and I can do this with one hand. I try to handle it calmly so it doesn’t upset her further, but it’s a new weird development in a time of great weirdness.

Time to begin another day in the Upside Down.