Extreme Makeover, Rescue Edition

I was cleaning up a random stack of paper in my office when I came across the flyer I saw online that led me to the little dog formerly known as Gizmo.

Gidget was freshly groomed on Wednesday. This time, we went with a Yorkie puppy cut – a bit shorter than the last style. It really brought out her Yorkie side.

She’s still a shy little princess, though. I need to work on her socialization. She’s a happy and perfectly behaved little princess at home, but outside, she shivers and hides and is absolutely miserable if anyone notices her. She loves to go for walks as long as it’s just us and the squirrels, but any other human is a source of fear and suspicion. My downstairs neighbor talked to her yesterday, and she trembled violently, then dragged me toward our door.

One reason I opted for the shorter puppy cut ‘do this time was so we could get a couple more weeks between the trauma of the groomer.

My groomer is wonderful, I’ve known her for years, she used to groom Murphy. She was very understanding of Gidget’s fears, and let me know as soon as she was done so I could pick her up early.

Hiding in the back of her crate, waiting to be rescued.

I joke about it, that her first family must have lectured her constantly about “stranger danger,” because even the mailman is not to be trusted, but I need to get her out more. Maybe we’ll start going out for coffee, just the two of us. She may always be on the shy side, but I’d like to see her enjoy the world a bit more.