This is what progress looks like.

So, I got up yesterday morning and decided to try the Publix website for a vaccination appointment – my first day eligible under Florida’s rules. After about 20 minutes of no access, I decided to take a shower and see if I could get in later. Nope. So I got dressed, applied various wrinkle creams, went back into my office. Still nope, and then, while I was about to give up the screen changed and flashed: Make Appointment! So I did.

I get my first dose of the Moderna vaccine at lunchtime on Friday, at a Publix that isn’t MY store, but is maybe 20 minutes from here. The second dose is scheduled for another Friday, same store, same time. So easy.

Gov. DeShithead, the Evil Vaccine Concierge, is rapidly losing control of his stranglehold on vaccines. Orange County, next door to me, has opened up availability to all first responders: cops, EMTs, etc. etc., while the state rules still restrict vaccines to first responders over 50 years old. I’ve heard tales of vaccine locations “going rogue” and vaccinating anybody who shows up at the end of the day, before the day’s doses expire, or changing their own qualifications to accept more people.

We are seeing daily progress on so many things. The IRS website says my stimulus money will hit on Wednesday. I texted with my daughter last night and asked her if she qualified for the payments to help with child care and stuff. She hadn’t heard of that, so she Googled and yes, they do. Lots of bigger things that will help a lot more people are rolling out.

Elections matter. Both parties are NOT the same. When the people vote, Democrats win, and shit gets done. This is why Republicans are all in on voter suppression bills right now – they know they can’t win on policy.

My daughter found baby goat yoga nearby. I need baby goat yoga.

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