Thursday’s Mission:

The Epcot Food and Wine Festival. It was very, very hot and I only stayed a few hours, but I GotTFO of the house, sampled food, walk miles in the brutally hot sunshine and fresh air, and maybe came home with some festival merch. I did get the passholder exclusive glass cutting board I’d been considering, because it’s something practical I’ll actually use every day, and it’s colorful and cute as hell:

My current cutting board is stained and scratched plastic and over a decade old. This will be much loved and used. It doesn’t quite fit with my otherwise classic Mickey and Minnie kitchen accessories, but it is a bright splash of color. For the non-Disnerds: the purple dragon is not Barney. That is Figment, star of the Imagination Pavilion in Future World at Epcot. He was my son’s favorite character over 30 years ago, and don’t get me started on how they changed that pavilion and made it so much less cool now. I think Figment is now a nostalgia thing for 80’s kids and their parents.

And then there was the 50th Anniversary merch:

I didn’t even remember that the 50th Anniversary of Disney World merch would be available on Thursday, but there it was, and I fondled these Corkcicle tumblers in a beautiful blue with tiny gold flecks, like lapis lazuli, and the 50th Anniversary logo, and one just had to come home with me. I’m drinking my mineral water from it right now.

It was a splurge, but when you consider that their classic tumbler is $30 and this was around $35, plus I got a 20% passholder discount? I couldn’t resist. I’m going back to Epcot next Wednesday, and my daughter has asked me to pick up a tumbler for her.

Lunch was a lobster roll with herb mayo and a wee glass of chardonnay, outdoors in the shade on a random Thursday. It was lovely.

When I go back next week (provided we’re not having the NEXT storm after Fred, its name is Grace) I may focus on desserts. Or go back for another lobster roll, because damn, that was good.

I’m writing about lobster rolls and cutting boards to try to calm my constant fucking state of rage about the shitshow we are all living with in Florida.

It’s not working.

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  1. I’m glad you got away and had some Disney fun. It’s the same rage vs. covidiot goverment here in Utah. the chief of health for the state mandated masks for all schools and the SLC city council promptly overturned it voting along party lines. That despite the fact that the Mormon church FINALLY came out and said all people should be vaccinated. grrrrr. My teacher friends and all my friends with kids are livid as am I, as are all thinking people in the state. It seems to be a race to the literal death for the republicans. I will no longer capitalize that word, btw. So all that to say I hear you, I agree. Sending hope for us all.

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