Two Week Countdown

To my surprise (unpaid) month off.

A month without pay will be okay. My emergency fund has plenty, no worries there. I can’t afford to travel, but between Disney and purging clutter and making stuff and other things, I think I’ll be able to fill my time.

I’m feeling better about work because my supervisor totally gets it, and our outside firm is going to step up for the month and try to catch all the random shit that comes my way on the daily. We do have to work out some logistical stuff, but Bless Her Heart isn’t totally useless, she just got thrust into her role. Outside firm also gets this, because they would like to have a call with me to figure out what else they need to know. So we will try to do all of this without hurting any feelings, and I’ll come back to the same situation I left, God willing. Nothing majorly screwed up will be good enough.

As I tell them, if I win the lottery while I’m “unemployed,” it’s been great knowing y’all and good luck!

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