Ugh. Still Tinkering.

I was not crazy about the last blog format; I picked a theme described as “Easy Blog” because I didn’t need a fancy header with embedded video and stuff, but it was…meh. I’m not feeling it. I need to sit down and work on this site, but this is more like the basic format I intended. I’m still not feeling it. The format is closer to what I want, but these colors aren’t working for me at ALL.

What I am feeling is TIRED. I’m not sleeping well; not sure why, but I seldom stay asleep for 7 hours lately. I’ve been running on 6-6.5 hours of sleep for a couple of weeks, and I swear I can see it in my face. The view in the office restroom under fluorescent lighting is alarming.

July is almost over, and I’m making plans for August. August is just an awful month in general: hotter than the exhaust fan at Satan’s Dry Cleaning, rainy and/or super stormy. The days are long, the bugs are fierce, there’s just nothing much to look forward to in August. So I’m setting goals and making plans.

I’m still keeping up with bullet journaling, though you’ll never see mine on Instagram. I do admire the Artsy Girls and their brush lettering and doodles, but I do wonder how much they use those pretty books for their intended purpose. I’m starting a new volume for August – I generally get about 3-4 months out of a book – and this one is going to be a bit different, because I’ve been collecting links to free inserts created by Artsy Girls for use by we who are Not. You can either splurge on some sticker paper or just cut them out with scissors and glue them in.

Lovely Planner has tons of freebies!

OMG why didn’t I think of this??!

Delaney is dancing at nationals this weekend. I’m going tomorrow afternoon to watch the group dances; it’s being held at the Swan and Dolphin Resort at Disney, which is another incentive for me to go watch in person. I’ve been driving past the Swan and Dolphin for 30 years and have never been inside.

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