Validation. It feels so good.

So, I’m going to try to tell this story without being too specific as to the parties/business involved, while sharing enough that it makes sense.

I work in an industry that employs tons of contractors in all sorts of roles; I am one. A contractor is not the same as a temp; I’ve been in my present position for over 4 years now with no end in sight. We work side-by-side with employees, often performing exactly the same jobs (without the corporate demands, but also the corporate perks). I contract through a very nice company that gives me decent benefits and an hourly rate that equals a good, though not spectacular, annual salary. It’s fine, and in 4 years no employee slot for my job was ever available. I was okay with being a contractor, and I’ve had nothing but positive-to-glowing feedback about my job performance.

Then over the summer, an employee position became available. When the job was posted, it very precisely described what I do, what I had been doing for 4 years. I even asked my supervisor if the position she was planning to fill was for what I did, and was told yes. So I applied. And waited. And waited.

I finally interviewed for the position, aka the job I’d been doing for FOUR years, and it was an uncomfortable interview. Three people who had worked with me for 4 years conducted it, and treated me like they had no idea who I was, and it all just felt “off” and uncomfortable. I left the interview feeling off balance, like something weird just happened.

Weeks passed, I heard nothing. Then my supervisor finally called me into a conference room, where I learned that the job was given to an inside applicant who was (as my supervisor expressed it to ME) “A paralegal!” Um, so am I, with a degree from a legit university and 25+ years of serious experience, which she does not have.

Okay, so…”She’s working on her master’s degree in something!” Well good on her, but it has nothing to do with the skill set for THIS job.

Then, the deciding factor: “She’s so warm and bubbly!” WHAT THE ACTUAL CHICKEN FRIED FUCK??? Is this a job skill for this technical position now? And I’m also WARM, goddammit! People like me!! I’ve had nothing but positive feedback for the last four years. Apparently I lack the bubble? Something….

So, New Girl started in the job, and she is indeed tall, pretty, warm, bubbly, a natural connector and corporate type, and I really do like her as a person. And the other participants in the interview came to me privately and said that this wasn’t right. Then I started getting unsolicited feedback from damn near everybody in our group that, yeah, she’s warm, bubbly, and doesn’t know the first thing about the job, and is basically being trained from scratch.

She has had more intensive training than anyone on this team ever received in the years I’ve been sitting here. (I got two days of training from a chick who I swear was high, she’s gone now.) But she is 20 years younger than I am, so there is that. And before you say EEOC, let me remind you this is Florida. Yes, I may have had a valid case, but yeah, because I’m actually a paralegal with 25 years of experience, I can write the rebuttal to a complaint for them: We prioritize candidates from within as many companies do, she’s (barely) over 40 too, so no discrimination. Yeah, not worth fighting that.

But, PLOT TWIST!! A woman who worked in our group as a contractor and found an escape to another team, after interviewing six or eight times for a job in this group, told me there was an opening in this other group. She hounded the living shit out of me until I sent my resume to the manager. I interviewed last Tuesday. I was offered the position on Friday. He’s already said that when the current hiring freeze is lifted, if we still like each other the position will become permanent.

And the icing on the schadenfreudelicious cake? The supervisor who didn’t give me the job I’d done for four years is on vacation out of the country. She’ll find out about this when she returns next week. I can’t wait for the screams from the other groups we work with, because I’m actually kinda a go-to person. She’ll find that out when I’m not here just quietly taking care of shit.

3 thoughts on “Validation. It feels so good.”

  1. It’s kind of surreal, and I’ve promised the woman who INSISTED I HAD TO SEND MY RESUME DIRECTLY TO THE MANAGER chocolate chip cookies for life. I’ve known her for the four years I’ve been here and I keep telling her she would make a fortune in real estate, because she’s a born saleswoman, and she sold me on a job I thought was outside my skill set, and hey, it wasn’t, and I got it. She’d had the job I’m moving into before she took another, similar but different employee position, and swears I’ll love it. And though it’s still a contract position, I did get a raise.
    You have to get out of the department I’m in to get any opportunities. Since I’ve been here, every other contractor has bailed or got fired, and now I’m out.

  2. Congrats on the new job! Isn’t it wonderful when things like this line up? New dog, new job. I can’t wait to read what great stuff comes next.

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