Watching Dorian

As of the morning of September 1st, we were told that Dorian is going to turn and stay off the east coast of Florida. The longer it takes to make the turn north, the closer it gets. Two years ago Hurricane Irma was supposed to stay along the west coast and turned at the last minute and came inland, so yeah. We can’t really relax until this monster moves on by. I’m as prepared as I can get, now we wait.

One of the things I do to prepare for possibly losing power for a week (I have PHSD since Irma, and this has the potential to be worse) is deep clean the house. Sweating in the dark is bad enough; sweating in the dark while coated in cat hair is exponentially worse. You have no idea how much cat hair is actually present until you attempt to eradicate all of it at once. I am pretty sure I swept, mopped, dusted and wiped up a dozen cats yesterday. I Cleaned All the Things!!! Today, my back hurts. I’ve been neglecting my yoga.

And this storm is moving SOOO slowly, I’ll have to clean all over again in the morning, because Ellie is the hairiest cat on earth, and when Sophie’s nervous or excited, she sheds more. I don’t think she can possibly sense the storm that is still hundreds of miles away, but my downstairs neighbor has her two daughters and their dogs staying with her; Sophie knows there are new dogs in the building and she asks to go outside every half hour, hoping they’ll be out. Meanwhile, she’s sprinkling hair everywhere, like pixie dust.

And I know it sounds crazy, but we might go to Epcot for an hour or so this evening, just to stop thinking about the storm for a bit. We’ll see.

Well, SHIT. As of now, I’m in definitely in the cone.

4 thoughts on “Watching Dorian”

  1. sending all the good vibes for a miss. and soon. Now if, on its way, it could take out mar-a-crapo…so much the better.

  2. thinking about you while you play ‘the waiting game’- i’m just slightly north of the tx/la coast, so i know the drill all too well- stay safe … and at least you will have a very clean house as a result of all this-
    the usual regards-

  3. I’ve been thinking about you. I used to think hurricanes were exciting and scary. Now I think they are exhausting and terrifying. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you

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