Wednesday Escape.

The Flower and Garden Festival opens next week, but the topiaries were up:

I don’t remember this little Tinkerbell! She’s in the lovely garden behind the UK pavilion. (Pro Tip: Grab a pint at the pub across the street and drink it back here in the quiet. I was the ONLY person in that garden for a while on Wednesday.)

There are WAY more topiaries than these, of course, this is just a random sampling.

I walked around the World Showcase and the endless construction barriers in Future World. The exhibit buildings/rides are all open, but the entire center behind Spaceship Earth is being demolished and rebuilt. I saw the new entrance to the park and totally approve. The old version had a lot of concrete and those monument/pylons with tiny engraved images of people who immortalized their visit by buying an image. My granddaughter loved to play hide and seek in them, generally when the adults were really freaking tired and trying to get her the F out of the park before one of us, possibly Grandma, had a meltdown.

A quick search of my personal photos only brought up this picture. There was a forest of those pylons with teeny, tiny metal plaques. It only mattered to the people who paid to be on them. They weren’t scrapped, just moved. The new entrance is much nicer.

As with any changes at the Disney Parks, the redo of the Epcot entrance was met with wailing and rending of garments, but damn, I really, really like the new version. It’s greener, more colorful, and when the trees get a year or so to get going, it’s going to be shadier and much cooler.

So it was a lovely day free of the gas-filled home office. I had but one mission: I promised my daughter I’d bring her a school bread from the bakery in Norway. (I tried to get her to play hooky with me, but damn, she’s a responsible professional adult and had to teach a training.)

I shared the link to Disney Food Blog because it has a great description of the pastry itself. I of course got two, and ate mine for breakfast yesterday morning, because it is perfection with coffee. It’s not an ooey-gooey sticky -sweet pastry, despite its appearance. They are such a thing to their fans, I hiked back to the bakery, then hiked my tired ass all the way to my car juggling these two plastic containers in the hot sun. They survived the trip home just slightly worse for wear. It was worth it. If I had the time I think I’d make this trip once a week.

The white things on top are an Olaf white chocolate decoration that were not part of the original, until Anna and Elsa moved into the former Norway ride. Totally unnecessary.

It was a good day, and I really would like to do this once a month. If only I had paid time off. I worked extra hours to make up most of my “day off.” Because this is my life.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Escape.”

  1. (“Eric: There is no pepper in the school bread.” Now I have to learn how to make it.)

    It sounds lovely. We will all be free soon, I hope.

    1. That comment about pepper was just so weird! Not only is there no pepper in school bread, but the spices are subtle – it’s like a hint of cinnamon, not a cinnamon roll. It’s mostly creamy goodness with toasted coconut on top.

      I have no idea what Eric was eating, but I’m thinking maybe he was “drinking around the world” at the time. 🙂

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