Welcome to the New Bossy Doghouse

After many, many months of intermittent blogging at my old home on Blogger, I’ve had an urge to reboot my original blog.  http://yorkiedog.blogspot.com/ If you came here from the original Bossy Little Dog, thanks for hanging in there.  Be patient with me; while WordPress isn’t hard, it’s just a bit different from Blogger.

If I’m going to actually start blogging again, I figured should do it right.  I have new hosting, WordPress, and there will be actual topics and tags and organization that was totally lacking for the 16 YEARS!!! I messed around with the old blog.  I still have thoughts, and I still have the urge to inflict them on the world.

I turned 61 years old on Friday, and while I swear to God in my head I’m still 40ish, the reality is I’m roughly 5 years from retirement, whatever that will mean for me.  I’ll never be able to afford to fully retire, that’s just reality.  For me, “retirement” will mean cutting back from a 40 hour cube rat existence to a couple of part time jobs, and it’s time to lay the groundwork for that future.

So Bossy Little Dog 2.0 will be about where I am now, and how I’m planning for the future.  It’ll still be the eclectic (that sounds so much nicer than disorganized) blog it always was, but hopefully easier to navigate.  I have thoughts about aging, money, bullet journals, dogs, politics, Florida, knitting and lots more, but I’ll try to organize things a bit better this time.  The original blog will remain in place, but even I have a hard time searching my own archives.

If you came here from the old blog, I know the most important question I must answer: “Never mind you, how are Sophie and Ellie?” They are both fine. I’ll share more about Sophie’s Most Expensive Gastrointestinal Adventure Yet in a post of its own, because approximately 2 months and $2,000 in vet bills deserves its own post.

I’m back!! This is exciting!!

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Bossy Doghouse”

  1. Well, that’s a huge relief! Congratulations!

    I cannot even begin to tell you how ‘boring’ elections are in Australia, we usually have a clear idea of the result by the end of the night, the moving out and moving in to the official residence is usually sorted within a week. Dull!

    We also have the tradition of the ‘election sausage’. A local charity is allowed to set up a booth, outside the actual polling place, with supplies and a portable bbq, and sell ‘sausage sandwiches’, fried onions optional.

    Stay well and stay safe, things could still get rough,

    Gae, in Callala Bay

  2. Wishing you, and all like you, the desired, and only rational outcome on Tuesday.
    It has been terrifying to watch!

    Stay safe and well, and hang on tight, it’s going to be a rough ride,

    All the best, Gae in Callala Bay

    1. Gae!! How wonderful to hear from you! Yes, this is the most insane and terrifying thing I’ve ever been through as an American. It IS going to be a rough ride.

  3. Glad you are back. Sorry Sophie is ill and hope that figure it out soon. Have followed your blog for a while but not commented.

  4. I can see it! And I’m happy to find you again. Hardly ever commented but loved reading bossylittledog for years.

  5. I see it! I was convinced you were just walking away from blogging. I’m glad I came and checked.
    I’m looking down the barrel of hearing aids right now. I will never be able to retire either.

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