Welp, Today Was Something.

I tried to work today, while my phone was blowing up with the horror show at the Capitol.

Let me be clear about my feelings: Republicans built this. We who have the ability to pay attention saw this coming many years ago, like back in 2000 and before. When Trump “won” (I still think some sort of forensic examination of the course of events will show it was manipulated) we were freaked out.

Today was why. The last four years were awful, but the rule of law held. We had a free and fair and by every possible measure valid election. The results weren’t close, Biden won in a legitimate landslide, both the popular vote and the archaic Electoral College, which was targeted four years ago. That didn’t work this time, so the fascists are enraged.

Don’t anybody EVER come at me with “both sides,” or any defense of the Republican party of today. This ain’t Eisenhower’s party, it’s not even NIXON’s party, for fuck’s sake. He was a fucking crook, but he at least respected the country and resigned when caught. These people don’t give a shit. It’s a fascist regime of thugs and morons, none of them give a shit about America.

Sorry that’s not a cheery and certainly not click-worthy blog post, but Jesus Christ, I’m just so disgusted that it has come to this, two weeks before sanity will return.

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  1. I do have the site bookmarked but the last post I see was Jan 6th. If I enter the site in the browser I get the same thing. If other’s are posting replies though it must be something with my computer! Because if you are getting other replies then others are obviously seeing your posts.

    1. I posted asking if anyone else had similar issues, and the suggestion was that you try clearing your cache. Something is stuck, because yes, I’ve posted MANY times since January 6th and had quite a few replies.

    1. I don’t understand?? I’ve had plenty to say about all the good things that have happened lately!

        1. Still puzzled. I’ve had plenty to say about vaccines, the stimulus, feeling hopeful, etc. I’m not a political blogger, I just talk about whatever’s on my mind. I just scrolled back through my posts and realized how MANY times I wrote what I thought about current events. Are you sure you’re seeing all my posts? Now I’m concerned about technical glitches.

          1. That’s extremely weird. Do you have the site bookmarked? Maybe something went wrong with that? If you search bossylittledog.com in your browser what happens?

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