Why Yes, It IS Another Long-Ass Update!

The future of this blog is up in the air. Let’s face it: I don’t have the bandwith to update regularly, let alone make it pay for itself. I’ll have to make a decision about the future by Feb. 1, because I have to pay for hosting again in Feb. I think I can still blather on about life on Blogger for free; I may go back there. My plans to monetize my blog were 1) poorly timed, as blogging is now being replaced by Substack, et al.; and 2) I really don’t want to spend my free time plotting how to sell people shit on my blog. So, more about that later in January, when I figure out what I want to do.

Pets: Everybody is healthy and wonderful. Eddie remains a barking asshole, and he has convinced Gidget that Barking is Cool, so yeah, she joins in whenever. He has dialed it back a lot, though he did erupt this afternoon when Strange Dogs Approached from Every Angle!! OMG!! Barking Assholes Activated!! They are both still so stinking cute, and really good dogs in every way, other than this need to be the Neighborhood Watchdogs. The neighbors who know them love them, and (unfortunately) praise Eddie for his Watchdogginess. Please don’t compliment him while I’m telling him to STFU.

Work: It does indeed still suck mightily. I am still plotting my exit from the suckage in 2024, but because it’s my life, there are many moving parts.

My daughter and her boyfriend, who still lacks a blog alias, looked for a rental that would take their (large) dogs, and as I could have told them, struck out. They had more than one prospective landlord tell them they’d love to rent to them, they’re dream tenants (both professionals with advanced degrees and great jobs, etc.), but their insurance would go through the roof because of the dogs. So they’re regrouping and looking to buy a house in 2024.

SO, this means my daughter didn’t vacate the house I really, really want to sell yet. But I’m fine with it, because Boyfriend is awesome. He moved in there when his apartment lease was up and is happily Bob Vila-ing the shit out of the place, even though I told him he doesn’t have to because I have more than one standing offer to buy it at a price that works for me. But if he wants to freshen it up, I sure won’t stand in his way.

He has deep cleaned the garage to make room for stuff they need to store, and is making repairs and prepping to do the interior paint, etc. All of this around his Serious Corporate VP job, because yes, if I could clone him I could be rich: a highly educated, successful man who knows his way around power tools and LOVES to do home stuff for fun. Oh, and he also loves to cook. Seriously, we must clone him.

We went to Magic Kingdom at the beginning of December (yes, he is also a Disney passholder now). Although my daughter and I live about a mile apart, we really don’t see each other that often. We’d gotten together at Epcot for lunch months ago, we all did Thanksgiving lunch at Raglan Road (delightful, and may become the new tradition) and did the Christmas tree tour at Disney Springs.

Then in early December my daughter was hellbent on doing Magic Kingdom at Christmas. (I totally prefer Epcot at Christmas, and due to that late season storm that wreaked havoc up the East Coast, we didn’t get there this year. Not that I’m bitter that we didn’t see La Befana and Father Christmas.)

Magic Kingdom was crowded AF that night, and I felt for Boyfriend, who hadn’t been to Disney in years, that his first visit to Magic Kingdom in 20 years was elbow to elbow crowds. But we did a few rides and admired decorations and he blew us all away with his score on Buzz Lightyear and I suspect he has logged many hours on video games. The Kid and I got totally screwed in a car with malfunctioning shooty-thingies. We know our usual scores and we BOTH scored way lower than normal, but we’d never have caught up with his score even in a functioning vehicle.

So, anyway…I met up with them at MK, and thought it looked like my daughter had put on weight. I didn’t say anything, because I don’t know which comedian said it but you never ask a woman if she’s pregnant until you ACTUALLY see the baby emerging, but yeah, she’d filled out a bit. A few days later she let me know she wasn’t just getting fat, and it’s a boy. (Her exact text was, “Did you think I was just getting fat??” Well, yes, I kinda did.) They were waiting for the testing to come in, because this is a “geriatric” pregnancy. She’s 40, he’s 45. He’s joking that Medicare should cover it.

So, yeah, we have a new baby on the way, and so far, so good – all the tests are fine, and he’ll arrive in May.

So, 2024 is shaping up to be both fun and complicated. I’m still committed to retiring this year, because yeah, I’m just burnt out. But also new baby to kick off the summer! Wildly unexpected, but also exciting, and crazy, and complicated.

I’m glad I have my life coach Eddie to center me. He demands a walk around the block every morning. He’s even coaxed Gidget outside the neighborhood a time or two, but she has no interest in scary long walks where she can’t see her house. Right now he’s reminding me that we should go sit on the couch, where they can chew chewies and I can work on the first blanket for He Who Hasn’t Been Named Yet.

And I haven’t even told you about my adventures in Ancestry, and my first tentative foray into therapy! Shit, now that the dam has burst I realize how much I missed telling stories on the interwebs, without trying to sell something, like in the Olden Times.

6 thoughts on “Why Yes, It IS Another Long-Ass Update!”

  1. Joining with the others to say I love ‘hearing’ your voice and stories here. I check as often as I can now that blog feed lists have gone the way of the dinos. Congratulations to your daughter and the Boyfriend and to you! How’s your granddaughter doing with it all? And how is she? I miss her bright face popping up but since she’s teen-ish, I get that may not be allowed ;).
    May the summer weather push the storms elsewhere, and knit on, eh?

    1. I think I’m going back to Blogger. I need to figure this out toot sweet, as the hosting renewal here is upon me. I need to leave a forwarding address, at the very least.
      The Kid was a bit shook at the idea of not being an only, but has adjusted. As I told them, they really have 4 “only children,” with one age overlap in the middle. He has a daughter in her early 20s and a boy about 14-ish from his first marriage, and the Kid is 12, and then there will be the little guy. He’ll have siblings and tons of cousins who will fuss over him, but they’re all going to be more like aunts and uncles as he’s growing up. The Kid is fine. I barely see her, between shared custody with her father and everybody’s schedules, but she’s adjusted to having a baby brother. Now she’s concerned that we’re all planning to dress him like a “dad on vacation.” But seriously, the tiny plaid shirts??

  2. It’s wonderful to hear from you! Congratulations on the baby on the way! Let us know when you make the shift to another blog platform, because I enjoy reading your posts. 🙂

  3. Because I am an anonymous stranger on the internet, I get to tell you what to do, right? I’ve been hoping you keep your blog going so we can all bask in your joy at finally working at Disney World! Congrats on a new baby in your life. You’re still in the middle of life!

  4. So happy to see your new post – I was worried for you. Wonderful news about the baby knit away!! Happy Holidays

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