WordPress and Other Challenges.

I’m still here, still fooling around with trying to make this new blog look the way I want. I think I’ve found a layout I like, finally. It’s very blah right now, of course, but I’ll work on that over time.

I wanted to write something right now because I’m feeling inspired – no, inspired is probably not the right word, impelled is more accurate – to get my future in order. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about how to actually make money blogging, and decided that Bossy Little Dog will be my practice blog, as I figure out WordPress and decide how to monetize, etc. I’m not doing things the way I should here, but when did I ever? While other people I knew were launching monetized blogs and even getting book deals, I noodled around on Blogger for well over a decade, earning Not Jack Shit.

Now here I am, roughly five years from retirement (assuming I’m not laid off sooner, which is a real possibility) and I’m forced to think seriously about my future, and what I’ll do if my current employment situation implodes on me. I know I’m far from alone in this situation: over 60, still in the work force because I can’t afford to retire, staring down the barrel of a probable recession. There’s a lot of us out there, and maybe that’s what BLD is meant to be about; it feels right somehow. Not easy, but right.

Anyway, I know why you’re really here; how is Sophie?? I’m afraid to say it out loud; you know how that turns out, but we have managed to stay out of the vet’s office for a few weeks. (Shhhh…) Ellie is fine, Ellie is always fine, apparently addiction to Temptations cat treats and shedding like a beast is the secret to beauty and health. It dawned on me recently that Ellie is at least FOUR years old now! She might be older since they guesstimated her age at about a year old at the shelter. Time is passing way too quickly in every way, and I should stop screwing around and plan my future.

4 thoughts on “WordPress and Other Challenges.”

  1. So glad you are back. The site looks very clean, I like the Sophie drawing, and please keep the pic. of Murphy. I randomly googled “Bossy Little Dog” one day and was pleasantly surprised to find your new blog. Is there any way to get notifications in my e mail?

    1. I’ll get that set up one of these days. I started a new day job last week and honestly I come home unable to face another computer screen.

  2. “Diminished expectations” are my best friends.

    I love the Sophie logo. Cute little friend! I saw a Boston that was shaped like her the other day. They stopped to say hi, but had to be on their way pretty quickly!

  3. Recessions are no one’s friend, for sure. And this one is completely preventable as we all know. grrrr.
    I’m also trying to sort out next steps and plans b, c, d, ad infinitum. You’ve got loads of skills, Catherine and they can be deployed in surprising ways, as I’ve learned these past 13 years since I stepped off the corporate hamster wheel. Please take heart.

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