Yoga Day 11.

I haven’t missed a day, even though this morning I had to drag my ass to the mat. I’m glad I did, it was a strength practice, and I realized I should spend my standing breaks during work in tree pose. (That’s the one where you stand on one foot and put the sole of the other foot somewhere on your standing leg – the flexible can put it up around their crotch, but even putting it on your calf counts.)

Tree pose looks easy, but for me it definitely isn’t. I’m very wobbly when standing on one foot. My balance has never been quite the same since the brain thang. This isn’t an issue when I’m walking on two feet, that’s back to normal, but anything on one foot and I look like I’m failing a roadside sobriety test. I’m wobbly on ladders, even two steps up. I’m thinking of just giving The Dancer my Trek Pure Lowstep (mine is metallic pink) bike because though I can still balance and ride, I don’t feel confident. But I’ll hold onto it for awhile and see where I am in a month or two.

So I’ve decided that whenever I take a break from my desk I’ll spend a minute in tree pose. Building strength and balance is my goal. 11 days into this 30 day program and I’m definitely seeing and feeling improvement.

Work is insane, but I do have people on my side. My new manager is concerned about my overload and we have a plan to shift some of it to another contractor, whom I’ve known for years and has been a contractor as long as I have.

And I still might win the lottery, and then they can all wish I’d been an employee who might have had an incentive to stick around. I keep getting paid, I’ll keep showing up. As soon as I have an alternative, I’m out.

Shifting to Politics:

And, how bout that GOP, amirite? Jesus, they are criminal beyond even my deeply cynical imaginings! So, we now have evidence that multiple states sent forged documents with Trump electors! And the fake elector documents were all like, the same form, so they didn’t cook this up on their own! This was not just a few yahoos cooking up a scheme, this was a coordinated coup attempt.

It’s all one big coordinated thing, a coup on multiple fronts, and the Electoral College is our nation’s weak spot because it’s a vestigial organ written into the Constitution as a way to get anything done with the slave owning colonies. Now it’s infected, and our government might die of sepsis.

Turnout in 2020 was so huge it overcame the EC Achilles Heel, so they resorted to Actually Sending in “official” FAKE electors where they thought they might be able to get away with it, because if they succeeded, it wouldn’t matter. Honestly, this plot twist was beyond my imagination. It’s like Scooby Doo Villains Do a Coup.

I’m not worried about the legal repercussions, I’m confident that the hammers will fall. The AG runs a tight ship, and I really wish people would stop whining about not SEEING ARRESTS NOW!! This is the biggest fucking crisis we’ve ever experienced, a coup from without and within, and so sorry you’re not getting daily clues on Twitter.

What we can do, and what is working in local elections already, is to educate voters, register voters, and create a culture that votes for every damn local election from dogcatcher to water management district, and definitely school boards. There have been positive signs in the last few days of Democratic victories in runoffs.

Engagement matters. Don’t listen to anybody claiming all is lost, OMG, why hasn’t Trump been arrested already? Just keep swimming (and by that I mean, either contributing money or time.) Social media means jack shit.

4 thoughts on “Yoga Day 11.”

  1. My ankles are weak. Climbing stairs helps them immensely – but devastates my knees. I’m still okay on a bike.
    I got into it with somebody who said “I vote, I don’t know what else I can do! And they all vote the same way I want them too anyway.” I just can’t fucking deal with privileged WASPs any more, no matter how pure their little hearts are. Yeah, this is starting to make me not want to talk to some people.

    1. Yeah, I have my genuinely nice and likable co-worker who gets his news from Fox and “just doesn’t trust” Dr. Fauci, and thought maybe horse de-wormer had merit as a COVID treatment. I have to work with him, and I’ve learned to vault away from dangerous conversational territory like Simone freakin’ Biles. Whoa, nope, leap into a different topic even if it needs a triple somersault!

      But damn, why do they ALWAYS bring it up? We’ll be talking about a work thing and three minutes in it goes sideways.

  2. You always give me inspiration, I am also wobbly on one leg but reading about your endeavors gives me encouragement, I’ll keep trying! Politics – I must agree with you. I get very weary with all the complaints about “no arrests” – it is a long process and I really do believe it will happen. Here’s hoping soon.

    1. Welp, they’re rounding up the Oath Keepers, because unlike the dipshits who made up the mob and have wrecked their own lives, those guys were seriously there to overthrow the government. So now they’ll have long chats with their foot soldiers about 20 years in prison vs. giving up the higher ups.

      I know people are panicking about the midterms and how this could be shut down, but I think it’ll be too out in the open and too far down that road in the next couple of months for the GOP to stop it. Not that they won’t do everything they can, but they’re getting crazy desperate. I still have faith that the Millennials and younger will not put up with this shit and save us.

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