Yoga Day 7 Done.

And can I both humble brag and mock Facebook groups just a bit? Of course I can, this is my blog.

So, when the Move program started I joined an unofficial FB group about it, because why not? Keep in mind that I’m 63, and most of the members of that group (not all, there are a few other Olds) are in their 40s, 30s, and younger.

Everybody starts with enthusiasm and commitment. By Day 7, the bitching and excusing had begun. Some excuses are totally legit of course, I’ve had those myself. I can do 30 minutes of morning yoga if I plan carefully, but 45-60 minutes just can’t happen. It was the other complaints that got me, as an old lady.

Day 6 was freaking hard, y’all, lots of core work, and the complaints were like “It didn’t feel like yoga.” I’m not sure what that meant, but yeah, that’s yoga too, and you know it. It was about 20 minutes of core strengthening poses, and if this old lady without a core could do it (awkwardly and with laughing and cursing) honestly child, just STFU. If you don’t want to do it, just don’t. There’s no reason to make an online complaint that it “disappointed” you.

When did Facebook become Karen’s Complaint Department on every fucking topic? (Don’t even get me started on most of the Disney boards. Did you know Disney Is Expensive? Apparently this is news.)

Meanwhile, Twitter is just an endless Whoring for Followers. I’ve had a Twitter account for a long time (@bossylittledogs). I am not asking you to follow me, because I’m very boring. I don’t tweet much, I mostly follow political figures, writers, and since COVID, doctors who know their shit.

I do not understand the purpose of accounts that just endlessly post stupid questions: “Are you vaxxed and wearing a mask? I want to follow you.” (Spoiler: they don’t actually want to follow you.) “Raise your hand if” Nope, I will not. And no actual journalist will tweet “BREAKING:” with news that broke 12 hours ago. Jesus people, just stop doing that stupid shit!

These aren’t obvious bot accounts either, some of them are blue checks (Twitter verified). I haven’t figured out the scam there, but I’m assuming there’s money to be made for having a shitload of Twitter followers, and once again, I’m doing it all wrong.

I’m a very disappointing Twitter account, because I have an actual day job and mostly read the tweets of official accounts and only interact with other small accounts like mine. And mine is still really, really small, like this blog level small.

And I’m not trolling for Twitter followers here, God knows. I’m a lousy tweeter. I’m just baffled by the point of begging for followers.

But I’ve done 7 days of yoga that made much younger women bitch and whine on FB, so I’m feeling pretty damn good this Saturday evening.

3 thoughts on “Yoga Day 7 Done.”

  1. Congratulations on doing the yoga! Your comment: “Disney Is Expensive” made me laugh, I always wonder what people are thinking, but of course there is the whole not really thinking at all – very sad! I seldom go out, grocery shopping and picking up other essentials (of course it is frigid in Montana) but I have NO desire to be exposed to all the fools out there who refuse to get vaccinated. Montana is terrible in terms of numbers but then again the people “running” the state are just picking up their paychecks and hunting what should still be endangered species – wolves and grizzly bears so they can have trophies! Scary!

  2. Yep, I work from home and go to Publix, that’s about it. I did go to Animal Kingdom last weekend because I had to GTFO of these four walls, but that was entirely outdoors. I skipped anything that involved indoor lines, ate outside, etc. I’ve even put off the work the house needs because you can’t trust that workers will be vaccinated and wear masks. Those smart people I follow on Twitter are somewhat encouraging; there’s a credible theory that the latest wave will burn itself out in a month. We shall see.

  3. Belated happy new year, Catherine! Just now coming back to your blog after life things. Am so glad you had a good Christmas, cookies and all.
    Utah’s in the same deep denial shit and explosion of cases, almost 5,000 in Salt Lake City alone yesterday. Proportionately as bad or worse than Florida. Sigh. I am back to not going anywhere at all but the grocery stores. Hoping for better days for us all.
    I signed up for Adrienne again and again got derailed but will restart tomorrow, because hey, every day is a new chance, right? Anyway, all this to say you inspire me and you GO! Archaic and true. also, scritches to all the furry ones.

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